Having an access control system allows you to manage both the comings and goings in your home and the entrances and exits in your business. Being able to control and manage access to your business is essential to the security of your employees and your customers.

Our monitoring systems allow you to obtain an hourly record of all events generated in a day.

OCTAVMEDIAS allows you to have effective control over the entire surface of your company.

Our access control systems are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your business.

Different Types Of Access Control

A camera can unlock certain doors automatically when equipped with facial recognition. In 1 second and up to 4 meters away, it will deactivate a normally restricted area according to the times set in the system.

But we do more than unlock and lock doors. Indeed, thanks to our range of readers, doors and access control devices, we are able to offer the right equipment, the right products and the right technology to suit any establishment. Using our managed access control solutions, you can control, monitor and manage access to any establishment to improve the management of your employees and visitors.

We offer free quotes for residential, industrial and commercial sectors

A professional and qualified consultant will come to you to advise you on the solution that meets your needs, and then present you with a tailor-made quote free of charge, with a price guarantee