A video surveillance device consists of surveillance cameras whose function is to film and transmit images to one or more monitors installed in a control center, in an office or remotely.

Very effective, video surveillance makes it possible to dissuade and reinforce the level of security.

Surveillance Cameras Allow:

  • Optimize An Alarm System
  • Control Customer Flow
  • Control The Flow Of Goods
  • To Monitor The Traffic Aisles
  • To Secure The Periphery Of The Site

Video Recordings Allow:

  • Identify And Implement Actions
  • Strengthen Staff Safety
  • To Settle Any Disputes
  • Reduce The Markdown Rate

We offer the installation of high definition video surveillance systems, our HD cameras and digital recorders benefit from the latest technological advances. (high definition, IP camera, HD night vision, motion detector, video alarm, etc.).

Our Range Of Cameras

There are several video surveillance devices such as business video surveillance, baby video surveillance, home video surveillance, urban video surveillance, etc.

The surveillance camera system also consists of video surveillance cameras, recorders, monitors, alarms, etc.

CCTV cameras are also multiple: IP surveillance camera, CCTV webcam, infrared camera, outdoor surveillance camera, wireless surveillance camera, spy camera, etc..

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